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By November 6, 2019News

Constitutional dedication of Sporting Goods Sales Tax passes

For Immediate Release
November 5, 2019

AUSTIN—Today, Texans voted overwhelmingly in support of Proposition 5, a constitutional dedication of revenue from the Sporting Good Sales Tax, so those dollars can only be used by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission on public parks and historic sites. This amendment will ensure there will be funding to protect Texas water quality, natural areas, beaches, and wildlife, so that our children and grandchildren and future generations can enjoy them the same way we do. It will also create a consistent stream of revenue for the maintenance and long-term planning of state parks and historic sites. Importantly, Proposition 5 will provide the funding to achieve these goals without raising taxes or requiring additional fees.

“Tonight, the people of Texas sent a clear message that our state parks and historic sites matter, and they are a vital part of our heritage,” said State Rep. John Cyrier, Chairman of the Culture, Recreation & Tourism Committee in the Texas House. “I was proud to carry the Legislation that put this issue in front of Texas voters. Prop. 5 will ensure that current and future Texans will have the opportunity to enjoy the rich history and culture that our state parks and historic sites afford.”

“Texans have demonstrated their love of our state parks and historic sites with a resounding vote of YES in favor of Proposition 5. The passage of this proposition is important for maintaining, protecting and preserving the land in Texas that’s available for public enjoyment. This proposition was designed to create a positive impact on our environment, our culture and our way of life. The dedicated revenue for our parks and historic sites will ensure these Texas treasures are around for future generations to cherish and enjoy,” said Joseph Fitzsimons, founder of the Texas Coalition for State Parks.

About the Texas Coalition for State Parks:
The Texas Coalition for State Parks, was launched by a group of former Texas Parks & Wildlife Commissioners and park advocates with the sole purpose of advocating for a constitutional dedication of the Sporting Goods Sales Tax to state parks funding. The Texas Coalition for State Parks PAC has formed to engage voters ahead of the November 5, 2019 election and encourage them to support Proposition 5. More information can be found at

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