Supporters Argue in Support of an Amendment to Benefit Parks

By October 20, 2019 News

October 17, 2019
WOAI Radio

Several groups held a news conference at Mission Conception to urge Texas voters to come out to the polls in next month’s Constittuional Amendment election to vote in favor of Proposition 5, which would provide badly needed financial help to state and local parks, without raising taxes, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

“It would say that the revenue from sales taxes on sporting goods, which is already supposed to go to state parks, would definitely go to state parks, and wouldn’t have to be allocated every year,” said Anna Farrell-Sherman, who is traveling the state prompting Proposition 5.

Odd year Constituional Amendment elections, which ratify measures approved earlier in the year by the Legisalture, usually have low voter turnout, and supporters of the parks amendment say the more people who show up to vote, the greater chance the measure has of being approved.

She says the Constitutional Amendment would guarantee that a measure approved in 2003 is followed. Since lawmakers in 2003 approved a bill mandating that sales tax revenue from the sale of sporting goods go to parks, only 40% of the $2.5 billion that has been collected has actually made it to the parks, leaving parks dangerously in need of repairs.

Sherman says local parks would benefit as well.

“It would go to local parks too, local parks can get grants from the state parks department, to help support them.”

The money would benefit recreational parks, lakes, cultural attractions, as well as historic parks like the San Antonio Missions.


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