Prop. 5 and the sales tax on sporting goods

By October 15, 2019 October 18th, 2019 News

October 15, 2019
KAUZ | Katelyn Fox

On November 5, Texans will be voting on 10 new Constitutional Amendments.

Issues include: public school funding, tax exemptions for disaster areas and the retirement of police dogs and horses.

Proposition 5 (SJR 24) would require the Legislature to allocate the money raised from state sales taxes on sporting goods ( for example: hunting, fishing and outdoor equipment ) to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department ( TPWD ) and the Texas Historical Commission ( THC ).

Revenue from these taxes would be used to improve and manage state and local parks and historic sites and to purchase new sites.

Proposition 5 closes a loophole in the current law that prevents 100% of the revenue raised by these sales taxes from being given to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and the Texas Historical Commission, which currently allows some of the money to be used to help balance the state budget.

The League of Women Voters of Texas ( LWVTX ) provides fair and unbiased information through researching each Amendment to help voters understand the issues.

“You decide which of the 10 proposed amendments will become part of the Texas Constitution,” said Texas League President Grace Chimene. “The Texas Constitution is among the longest in the country. Since it was adopted in 1876, 498 amendments have been approved by Texas voters.”

The League’s Voters Guide is available online on the LWVTX website and Texas voters can review their ballot, make choices and print out their choices by clicking here.

The printed Voters Guide can be found at most Texas public libraries.

Texas voters may take the printed Voters Guide, their online printed list or their own notes on paper into the polling booth with them but may not use their phone in the polling place.


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